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Diocesan Review Board

Diocesan Review Board

In 1993, the Diocese of Joliet created the Diocesan Review Committee (now known as the Diocesan Review Board) to review allegations of the sexual abuse of minors by clergy.

The Review Board is a consultative body that advises the bishop regarding allegations concerning the sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable adults and related issues. While its membership and review process has developed over the years, the board’s commitment to reviewing allegations thoroughly and advising the bishop remains unchanged. 

In addition to its advisory responsibility to the bishop, the Diocesan Review Board is responsible for reviewing diocesan policies and procedures for dealing with sexual abuse of minors and vulnerable adults, and offering advice on other related issues. Board members are to have expertise in one of the following areas: social work, civil law, education, treatment of sexual abuse of minors, or clinical treatment of sexual disorders. The board should include one member that’s a parent of a minor or vulnerable adult, one member that’s a pastor and when possible, one member who is a victim-survivor of child sexual abuse or a parent of a victim-survivor. Board members serve without compensation.

Diocese of Joliet Diocesan Review Board

  • Mrs. Cruz Arzuaga
  • Deacon Ralph Bias
  • Mr. Stephen Marth (Chair)
  • Rev. James Murphy
  • Deacon Terrence Neary
  • Mr. William Sheehan
  • Mrs. Maureen Sullivan Taylor
  • Hon. Deacon Daniel Welter
  • Ms. Susan Wood O'Leary

Consultants to the Review Board

  • Leah Heffernan (Director, Child & Youth Protection)
  • Very Rev. Grzegorz P. Podwysocki (Canonical Consultant)